Vol. 26 (2012): Lexicographic Bulletin

Published: 2024-07-03

Τhe present 26th volume of the Lexicographic Bulletin constitutes a general overview of the domain of historical and dialectal lexicography. It includes 8 meta-lexicographic studies, written by the researchers of the Research Centre for Modern Greek Dialects of the Academy of Athens. These studies treat basic theoretical and methodological issues in lexicography, and present, comment and interpret the position of the Historical Dictionary of Modern Greek (ILNE) with respect to them. The volume is meant to serve as a companion to the new Manual of Regulations of the Historical Dictionary, which is published separately as an annex. The topics covered include: the theoretical and methodological framework of historical and dialectal lexicography, the sources of the Historical Dictionary, the major problem of the phonetic transcription of the Modern Greek dialects, and the methodology for the lexicographic treatment of definitions, senses, examples, placenames, together with the relevant bibliography.