"Publication of an International Scientific Journal by TEE" by George Ν. Stasinos, President of the Technical Chamber of Greece


With particular joy, respect and commitment to the history of TEE, to the future of the scientific role of the Chamber and to the work of Greek Engineers as a whole, the Technical Chamber of Greece is proceeding with the publication of an international scientific journal. After several years without regular scientific publications, due to the special economic situation of the country, but having as a source of our history the TECHNICAL ANNALS, published by the TEE for decades, we undertake this role again to give another scientific podium to the Engineering community.

More specific, the Governing Committee of TEE, in accordance to Decisions No Α14/Σ39/2021, Α16/Σ7/2022 and Α41/Σ16/2022, proceeded to publish of the Scientific Journal entitled «Technical Annals» by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) concerned with Advances in Engineering, in English language. The content of the journal will be available electronically and via Open Access, through the e-Publishing service of the National Documentation Centre (ΕΚΤ).

The scope of the journal will include all Fields of Engineering:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Architectural Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Electrical & Computer Engineering
  5. Rural and Surveying Engineering
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
  8. Naval Engineering
  9. Electronic Engineering
  10. Engineering of Urban Planning & Regional Development
  11. Environmental Engineering
  12. Engineering of Mineral Resources
  13. Engineering of Production & Management

Furthermore, it will be concerned with Interdisciplinary Thematic Areas, which are at the cutting edge of Research and Innovation, such as:

Agricultural Engineering and Food Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Aerodynamics, Bioengineering, Circular Economy, Climate Change, Cultural Heritage, Education and Learning Processes, Energy, Environment, Economy, Geoinformatics, Human Modelling, Industrial Symbiosis, Management and Quality Control, Material Science and Engineering, Naval Coastal and Maritime Design Engineering and Planning, Spatial Planning, Sustainable Development, Systems’ and Processes Engineering, Technology, Transportation, Processes, among others, and the thematic areas will be dynamically adjusted and determined taking into account both the progress of Science and Engineering, as well as future trends and the trending concerns and needs of Society.

Moreover, conferences, in which TEE is either co-organizing or participating in their Organizing and Scientific Committee, will be able to submit a request to publish their Proceedings (in either Greek or English language) always through the “e-Publishing” mechanism, as long as the request has been submitted to TEE and has the approval of TEE’s Governing Bodies, either six months before the conference date (in cases where the proceedings are to be published prior to the conference initiation), or three months before the conference date(in cases where the proceedings are to be issued after the Conference).

The Governing Committee of the TEE assigned the responsibility of the publication to the Editorial Board and the Scientific Board of the Journal; the list of members of each board is herein attached.

We inform all Greek Engineers, the Academic and Research Community that we are proceeding with this publication in order to give the floor for communication, publicity and recognition, by the International Community, of the Research and Innovation that Greek Engineers produce in practice, on construction sites, in urban space, in regional areas, in industry, in development, in environment, in energy, in the digital world, in universities, in research centers, in startups, in businesses, etc.

We aspire to attract your interest, find in you critical readers, feed your scientific work and publish the results of your research through the International Scientific Journal of TEE.

Looking forward to an important publication that we'd like to become everyone's business,

                                                                                                                                             The President

                                                                                                                          of the Technical Chamber of Greece


                                                                                                                                         George Ν. Stasinos



  1. Antonia Moropoulou, NTUA Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineer, Chief Editor
  2. Haris Doukas, NTUA AssociateProfessor, Dr. Mechanical Engineer, Chief Editor
  3. Eleftheria Athini, Head of the Directorate of Scientific & Development Activity of ΤΕΕ, Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, Managing Administrator of the Journal
  4. Vasiliki Tsoukala, NTUA Professor, Dr. Civil Engineer
  5. John-Paris Pantouvakis, NTUA Professor, Dr. Civil Engineer
  6. Sofia Avgerinou - Kolonia, NTUA Professor Emeritus, Dr. Architect Engineer
  7. Yannis Krestenitis, NTUA Professor Emeritus, Dr. Rural and Survey Engineer
  8. Stamatina Gavela, Dr. Chemical Engineer
  9. Andreas Nikoglou, Dr. Mechanical Engineer
  10. Afroditi Ntziouni, Dr. Chemical Engineer
  11. Athanasios Kanaris, Dr. Chemical Engineer
  12. Antonis Planas, Dr. Civil Engineer
  13. Danae Pla Karidi, Dr. Electrical and Computer Engineer



  1. Savvas Triantafyllou, NTUA Assistant Professor, Dr. Civil Engineer
  2. Irene Klabatsea, NTUA Associate Professor, Dr. Architect Engineer
  3. Charalabos Ioannidis, NTUA Professor, Dr. Rural and Survey Engineer
  4. Dimitrios Manolakos, NTUA Professor, Dr. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
  5. Gabriel Mansour, AUTH Professor, Dr. Mechanical Engineer
  6. Chris Christodoulou, Dr. Electrical and Computer Engineer
  7. Anthimos Xenidis, NTUA Professor, Dr. Mining and Metallurgical Engineer
  8. Maria Loizidou, NTUA Professor Emeritus, Dr. Chemical Engineer
  9. Nikolaos Ventikos, NTUA Associate Professor, Dr. Naval Engineer
  10. Vassilis Gerogiannis, University of Thessaly Professor, Dr. Computer and Informatics Engineer
  11. Vassilis Tselios, Panteion Associate Professor, Dr. Regional Planning and Development Engineer
  12. Georgios Saratsis, Laboratory Teaching Staff (EDIP) at the School of Mineral Resources Engineering of the Technical University of Crete, Dr. Mineral Resources Engineer
  13. Christos Akratos, DUTH Associate Professor, Dr. Environmental Engineer