Non-destructive 3D reconstruction of an Hagia Sophia clone mosaic utilizing ultrasonography combined with an accurate motion planning

Published: Δεκ 22, 2022
beam forming mosaic tessera tomography
Stamatios Amanatiadis
Georgios Karagiannis
Evdoxios Mimis

In the current work the endoscopy and retrieval of mortar covered mosaic patterns, such as the Hagia Sophia ones, is presented. In particular, an appropriate instrumentation is developed combining ultra-sonic tomography and an accurate motion planning. The acquisition of high-response tomographic images is performed utilizing transducers in a linear array through the efficient control of their phase characteristics both in transmit and receive modes. Moreover, an accurate mechanical adaptation is designed in order to move the ultrasonic probe with a con-stant velocity. Then, a sequence of tomographic images is recorded and the 3D endoscopic characteristics of the measured object are extracted via the effective reconstruction of the 3D volume. This device is used on a realistic Hagia Sophia mosaic replica that is covered by a thick mor-tar layer. The evaluated results indicate a complete 3D reconstruction of the hidden mosaic in micrometric resolution, while the inner details of individual tesserae are, also, recovered.

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