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Engineering geological conditions of Klokova mountain, Greece.

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H. Saroglou, N. Kazilis
H. Saroglou, N. Kazilis


The paper presents the engineering geological conditions of Klokova Mountain and discusses the problems, which relate with the presence of fault structures, karst features and steep rock slopes in relation to the existing and planned motorway. The engineering geological setting of the limestone formations is characterized by the development of karst and the fault presence. The karst pattern and an interpretation of the fault geometry of the area are presented based on geological mapping. Additionally, rockmass conditions are presented based on field data and borehole findings. The geotechnical conditions have been assessed by geotechnical investigations, which were executed for the design of the new highway. Finally, a risk assessment of the area due to rockfalls is presented, considering that the risk level is very high due to the presence of very steep and fractured slopes, formed partially parallel to fault surfaces, and the high seismicity of the broader area. Rockfall episodes are prone to occur under seismic loading during a strong earthquake in the area but also due to high rainfall incidents.


Karst; Limestone; Fault; Rockfall

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