Published: Jan 1, 2010
water points corrosivity Langelier indicator
P. Sabatakakis
G. Koukis
This paper made an effort through the data and conclusions drawn to highlight the impact of the water element, surface and groundwater in urban and suburban area of Nafplio. Through exploratory wells constructed for this reason ,water - measurements and water – chemical analysis carried out, made a series of thematic maps which are dimensioned Spatiotemporal rain water flocking to urban and suburban area in case of extreme rainfall events, illustrating the depth, the direction of groundwater flow and the corrosivity of groundwater in relation to the foundations. The accuracy of the figures obtained for surface water and groundwater is a function of time series and the density of the network, and certainly is indicative and could be much more detailed if the network was denser. In any case, this work tries to highlight the value that may have similar operations on urban planning and foundations.
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