Published: Jan 1, 2010
Hyperion Hyperspectral data fusion Antiparos Island
K. Nikolakopoulos
Ev. Gioti
G. Skianis
D. Vaiopoulos
In this study seven fusion techniques and more especially the Ehlers, Gram-Schmidt, High Pass Filter, Local Mean Matching (LMM), Local Mean and Variance Matching (LMVM), Pansharp and PCA, were used for the fusion of Hyperion hyperspectral data with ALI panchromatic data. The panchromatic data have a spatial resolution of 10m while the hyperspectral data have a spatial resolution of 30m. All the fusion techniques are designed for use with classical multispectral data. Thus, it is quite interesting to investigate the assessment of the common used fusion algorithms with the hyperspectral data. The study area is Antiparos Island in the Aegean Sea.
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