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V.Ch. Ambas, E.E. Katsaros, M.N. Alexoudi, E.M. Olasoglou, T.M. Tsapanos, G.Ch. Koravos, G.N. Drakatos, E.I. Tzamos
V.Ch. Ambas, E.E. Katsaros, M.N. Alexoudi, E.M. Olasoglou, T.M. Tsapanos, G.Ch. Koravos, G.N. Drakatos, E.I. Tzamos


Landslides can provoke lifeline’s performance malfunction, injuries or fatalities and may diminish accessibility to critical facilities and surrounding properties. The scope of this research is to describe and to identify the triggering factors for three landslides along the road from Drosopigi village to the top of Vitsi Mountain at Florina territory using all the available data. Several information were collected for this area, such as the annual rate of the rainfall/ snowfall, the rainfall intensity/day, the seismicity, the geomorphology, the geology, the lithology and the hydrologic conditions. Moreover, in-situ investigations of the landslides, geotechnical and laboratory tests were carried out in three geotechnical boreholes to indentify the soil formations nearby the landslides. Taking into account that the landslides are located 18km, 22km and 25km,
away from the epicenters of two historical earthquakes with magnitudes Mw= 6.0 και 6.5 and also that last winter heavy rainfalls/snowfalls were observed in the area with very low temperatures (-15OC), slope’s failure may have been triggered by an earthquake, by snowfalls/rainfalls or by human activities?


Slope failure; Drosopigi- Florina; seismicity; rainfalls; geotechnical investigations

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