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Towards a national adaptation strategy in view of climate changes

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The continuously increasing emissions of CO2 and Methane result in the enhanced greenhouse effect. The IPCC assessments for the 21st century refer to a 3oC increase in temperature and 50 cm rise in sea level on average. It is therefore understood that every nation must create a National Adaptation Strategy to face the impacts of the forthcoming climate changes. For Greece, an adaptation plan should include:

  • The vulnerability index of the coastal regions according to the national development plan.
  • The determination of the procedures towards adaptation in view of climate changes.
  • The determination of the national criteria to face extreme phenomena due to anthropogenic climate changes.
  • The technical and legal action plans.
  • The responsibility of the various public sectors to overcome gaps or overlaps in the actions to mitigate the impact and
  • The general national adaptation principles.

The presentation analyses all the above concepts and proposes specific guidelines to formulate a Greek National Adaptation Strategy to mitigate the impacts of anthropogenic climate changes.

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