Nicholas Terpstra, Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World: An Alternative History of the Reformation

Published: Αυγ 21, 2018
Reformation religious refugees purgation expulsion
Costas Gaganakis

Review of Nicholas Terpstra, Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World: An Alternative History of the Reformation (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015), 348 pp.

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Author Biography
Costas Gaganakis, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens Department of History, Faculty of History & Archaeology
Costas Gaganakis teaches European History at the Department of History, University of Athens. He specializes in the social and cultural history of Early Modern France, with main emphasis in the French Wars of Religion. He is the author of The War of Words. Religious dispute and propaganda in the French Religious Wars (in Greek, Athens, Nefeli, 2003). Other publications: “Religious zeal and Political Expediency on the Eve of the French Wars of Religion”, Historein, 6, 2006, “Stairway to heaven: Calvinist grief and redemption in the French Wars of Religion”, Ηistorein, 8, 2008, “Thinking about History in the European 16th Century: La Popelinière and his quest for ‘perfect history’”, Historein, 10, 2010. His last book has the title, Thucydides or Eusebius? Protestant Historiography in France during the Wars of Religion.
Moore, Robert I. The Formation of a Persecuting Society. Power and Deviance in Western Europe, 950-1250. Oxford: Blackwell, 1990.
Sennett, Richard. Flesh and Stone. The Body and the City in Western Civilization. London: Norton, 1994.
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