National, Imperial, Colonial and the Political: British Imperial Histories and their Descendants

Published: Mar 22, 2013
British Imperial
Athena Syriatou
This paper discusses the pivotal moments of British imperial history from the eighties to today after a brief reference to the study of imperial history since the beginning of historical writing as a discilpline. It refers selectively to discussions as well as to books and attempts to exhibit in each period the works which characterise the general arguments, the perceptions of ideas by the academic environment and the historiographical issues examined.
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Author Biography
Athena Syriatou, Democritus University of Thrace
Athena Syriatou is Lecturer of Modern and Contemporary European History in the History and Ethnology Department, Democritus University of Thrace in Greece. She studied English Literature and History at the University of Athens (B.A.) and British and European history at the University College London (UK). She received her Ph.D, from the University College London (1997). She has taught European and British History at the University College London (UK), the University of Crete, the University of Athens and the Hellenic Open University. She has published articles and chapters in books on issues concerning the formation of national and social identity through formal education, on issues concerning the uses of memory and public history especially in twentieth century Britain. She has also written a textbook on the History of European Education from 6th to the 20th century for the Hellenic Open University and participated as a writer of textbooks of European history for secondary schools. Her research interests include social and cultural British history, history of nationalism as well public history and the history of memory.
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