Between nation and empire: revisiting the Russian past twenty years later

Published: Mar 22, 2013
Russia Nation Empire Imperial Turn
Ada A. Dialla

This article is a succinct presentation of the historiographical overturns in the study of Russian history that have taken place in the last twenty years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The main emphasis is on the ʽimperial turnʼ which undermines older historical givens but also disputes the importance of the nation/nation-state as a basic category for understanding the past.

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Author Biography
Ada A. Dialla, Athens School of Fine Arts
Ada Dialla is Assistant Professor of European History at the Department of Theory and History of Art, School of Fine Arts (Athens) and also teaches European history at the Greek Open University. She had previously taught 19th century European, Russian and Eastern European history at the universities of Crete and Thessaly. From 2000 until 2009 she was director of the Historical Archives of the University of Athens. Her main research interests are 19th century Russian and Eastern European history and politics (with emphasis on intellectual history and foreign policy), 19th century European history (with emphasis on transnational history), nationalism and identity formation.
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