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News: New Style Guide for The Historical Review/ La Revue Historique

Historical Review/ La Revue Historique will adopt The Chicago Manual of Style from Volume XVII (2020) onwards.  
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News: The Historical Review / La Revue Historique Volume XV (2018) now online!

Volume XV (2018) of The Historical Review / La Revue Historique is now online! The volume features a special section on "Crises, genre et économies familiales adaptatives dans l’Europe méditerranéenne (fin XIXe–milieu du XXe)", articles concerning 19th century Nationalism; the Modern Greek Enlightenment; and the Greek community of Vienna, as well as eight reviews of recently published scholarly work - and the C. Th. Dimaras lecture of 2017 delivered by Prof. David Armitage on "World History as Oceanic History: Beyond Braudel".  
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