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The Historical Review La Revue Historique is an annual refereed journal of historical research in the human sciences published by the Department of Neohellenic Research (DNR) of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) since 2004. It was established as a medium of communication and exchange of ideas with colleagues around the world. We invite original papers and critical perspectives from a wide range of fields within Modern Greek studies, but are not limited to it. Our intention is to provide a medium of dialogue and reflection in the broad field of historical study in the human sciences. 



News: Books available for review


Requests for books should be made by contacting HR at nsinios@eie.gr. 

1. T. W. Gallant, The Edinburgh History of the Greeks, 1768 to 1913: The Long Nineteenth Century, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press 2015

2. G. Hanlon, Italy 1636: Cemetary of Armies, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016

3. P. Gorecki, The Text and the World: The Henrykow Book, its Authors, and their Region 1160-1310, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2015

Posted: 2016-04-25
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Vol 13 (2016)

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