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Theodoros Karoussos’ Interpretation of Hellenism: A Case of National Philosophy

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Roxanne Argyropoulos
Roxanne Argyropoulos


A native of Kefalonia, Theodoros Karoussos (1808–1876) is known as a classical scholar and a teacher, a political personality and a distinguished philosopher. Μostly an autodidact, he was part of the Argostoli intellectual circle of Ioannis Menayas, a follower of the Hegelian system. The perspective of Hegelian theories influenced Karoussos’ opinions on the questions of Hellenism and its legacy. The particularity of his intellectual shift towards Hegelianism became apparent when he sought to use contemporary philosophical ideas in order to justify the term “Helleno-Christian”, as developed by Spyridon Zambelios, and to revisit Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos’ crucial theories.

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