Call for papers



The HMS International Journal for Mathematics in Education (in short HMS i-JME) is a peer-reviewed journal promoting a forum for disseminating high-quality international and national research in the field of mathematics education.

HMS i-JME publishes original research studies of both theoretical or practice-oriented work in mathematics education with reference to pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary educational levels, as well as to diverse informal and professional contexts for, learning, and/or employing mathematics.

More specifically, the journal welcomes articles:

  • focusing on how the role of mathematics in mathematics education is considered (and needs to be reconsidered) in current practices by taking into account contemporary societal and ecological challenges, including pressures for increased digitalization, internationalization and globalization;
  • addressing the study of mathematical concepts and their relation to social, cognitive, cultural, and political aspects of learning including embodiment, use of materials and digital tools, language and affect;
  • based on studies of mathematics education that originate within the diverse fields of pedagogy, history, sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, philosophy, and political theory as well as specific theories/approaches in mathematics education (e.g., critical mathematics education, ethnomathematics, inquiry-based learning etc.);
  • emphasizing critical aspects of mathematics education that discuss local and global tendencies to rethink, reform and design curricula and textbooks, assessment and creative activity in the domains of classroom teaching and learning, in-service training and teacher education programs;
  • looking into the study of mathematics education at the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, ableness including the study of multilingualism, language-use, dialogue, and communication;
  • addressing the study of mathematics teaching and its development as well as issues of professional development of mathematics teachers and teacher educators;
  • opening up new territories in mathematics teaching and learning for emancipatory work, empowerment, inclusive pedagogies, democratic praxis, and policies countering social injustice and inequity.

In addition, HMS i-JME hosts:

  • book reviews of recent publications in mathematics education;
  • special issues that emphasize thematic areas of research;
  • invited contributions.

We invite contributions from researchers aiming to address the above or other relevant issues. HMS i-JME publishes papers open access with no publication fees (no article processing charges). Information and instructions for authors can be found in

Editorial Board appointed by the Hellenic Mathematical Society

  • Fragkiskos Kalavasis, University of the Aegean, Editor in chief
  • Anna Chronaki, University of Thessaly & University of Malmö
  • Despina Desli, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Sonia Kafoussi, University of the Aegean
  • Andreas Moutsios-Rentzos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Giorgos Psycharis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Konstantinos Tatsis, University of Ioannina