Feed Ban and BSE: the detection and identification of processed animal proteins in compound feeds

Published: Nov 10, 2017
BSE processed animal proteins feed ban microscopy PCR immunoassay

Reference is made initially to the incidence of BSE within the EU territory and the reasons of the appearance of the disease i.e. the use of meat and bone meal in ruminant diets. In turn, the evolution of Community legislation in the sector of marketing of feeds of animal origin is described. Furthermore, the banning of feeding of mammalian protein to ruminants and the extension of prohibition to further animal proteins such as from other vertebrates and how this banning affects the feeding of the various animal species is reviewed. Finally, the importance of detecting and identifying the presence and amount of processed animal proteins in compound feed as well as feed materials is stressed and methods such as feed microscopy, immunoassay techniques, PCR, NIR and HPLC are discussed.

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