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Some principles of ostriches nutrition and their products.

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The ostriches have been farmed for about 150 years in South Africa. They are flightless birds but fast runners. Adults usually weigh more than 130 kg and stand up to 2.7 m tall. Domesticated ostriches reach maturity at 2-3 years old. Theirgastrointestinal tract is more similar to that of ruminants than to poultry's. The ostriches derive a lot of energy from feed fibre through the production of volatile fatty acids, in large intestine. The ostriches tend to be a credible competitor in the red meat market because of the quality of its meat (low in cholesterol and fat, high protein) .The eggs and nearly all parts, feathers, leather and meat, of the slaughtered ostrich can be used for commercial purposes.


στρουθοκάμηλος; διατροφή; προϊόντα

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