Discrete demografie models in livestock studies

Α. Μακρόγλου
Μ. Κοίμησης
Σ. Κουϊμτζής

In an earlier work (2) was given a short review for various demographic models which govern population dynamics. Here is described in detail one of them, a discrete one, developed by Rault & Leibundgut and are given the details of its implementation to livestock. To use this model a computer program has been written which, given the livestock population at time t = t 0 predicts their number at time t>to

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S.M. Bozic. Digital and Kaiman Filtering, Edward Arnold, 1979.
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Α. Rault, Β. Leibundgut, Demographic models of French Livestock, P. 107-123 in: Computer applications in Food Production and Agricultural Enginnering, Ed. R. Kaiman and J. Marinez, North -Holland, IFIP, 1982.
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