Effects of L-carnitine and cryodevices on the vitrification and developmental competence of invitro fertilized buffalo oocytes

Published: Jul 9, 2022
L carnitine buffalo oocytes Straw Open pulled-straw Vitrification
Mohammed A Elmetwally
Amira M Mostagir
Fuller W Bazer
Abdelmonem Montaser
Magdy Badr
Wael Eldomany
Ashraf Eldesoky
Mona M Elghareeb
Daniela Jaimes
Yaser Y Lenis
Samy M Zaabel

In the current, study the effect of the addition of L-carnitine (LC) in in vitro maturation (IVM) medium for buffalo oocytes and different cryo-devices on developmental competence. They were matured in IVM medium supplemented with 0.0, 0.3, 0.6 and 1.2 mg/mL of LC and vitrified by using either straw (ST), open pulled-straw (OPS), solid surface vitrification (SSV). The effects of LC during invitro fertilization and invitro culture on the developmental potential were examined. ST showed a higher recovery rate when using 0.6 mg/ml; viability rate (VR) when using 0.3mg/ml and lower zona pellucida (ZP) and cytoplasmic abnormalities when using 1.2 mg/ml LC (P<0.05). OPS showed a higher recovery and viability rates when using 0.3 mg (P<0.05). SSD showed a higher recovery and VR when using 0.6 mg/ml LC (P<0.05). Maturation and fertilization rates were increased when using 0.3 mg LC and OPS (P<0.05). Cleavage was increased in 0.3 (OPS) and 0.6 mg LC (SSD). The blastocyst rate was increased in 0.3 (OPS) and 0.6 mg/ml (SSD) (P< 0.05). In conclusion, 0.3 mg/ml LC and OPS gives a higher recovery and viability rates but 0.6 mg/ml LC and of both SSD and ST gives a higher recovery and viability rates.

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Author Biography
Mohammed A Elmetwally, Associate Professor of Animal Reproduction, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt
Theriogenology Department
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