Introduction: Acting (on) the Text: the Case of New Media

Published: May 1, 2014
intermediality new media multimodality
Eve Kalyva
Christos Physentzides

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Author Biographies
Eve Kalyva
Eve Kalyva is an art critic and writer. She has worked as a lecturer for universities in Europe and Latin America, and has collaborated with art institutions as a curator and artist in residence. Her publications include art theory and history, social semiotics, philosophy and Latin American studies. She is currently working on a monograph on image/text juxtapositions in conceptual art, and a collection of short stories inspired from Latin America.
Christos Physentzides
Christos Physentzides has completed postgraduate studies in art history and in game design. He has worked on creative interactive platforms in the UK and new technologies. His current project concerns narrative elements and interactivity in the development of games. 
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