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No 11 (2018): Records of Contingency: Forms and Media
Issue Editors: Hélène Aji, Stamatina Dimakopoulou, Cornelius Crowley
No 9 (2016): Living through the Interregnum
Issue editors: Maria Germanou and Mina Karavanta
No 8 (2015): History and Contemporary Literature

Issue editors: Christine Harrison and Angeliki Spiropoulou

No 7 (2015): Perspectives from the Radical Other
Issue Editors: Joan Anim-Addo, Giovanna Covi and Lisa Marchi
No 6 (2014): Acting (on) the Text: the Case of New Media
Issue Editors: Eve Kalyva and Christos Physentzides
No 5 (2013): Hellenism Unbound
Issue Editors: Efterpi Mitsi and Amy Muse
No 3 (2011): Experiments in/of Realism
Issue Editors: Anna Despotopoulou and Katerina Kitsi-Mitakou
No 2 (2010): Configurations of Cultural Amnesia
Issue Editors: Apostolos Lampropoulos and Vassiliki Markidou
No 1 (2008): The Politics of Rereading
Issue Editors: Mata Dimakopoulou and Mina Karavanta