Editors' Choices

With the inauguration of this section, the Editors wish to draw the attention of scholars, intellectuals, and artists writing from and thinking across the time-places that have been considered to be in the periphery of the world and whose work foregrounds the poetics and politics of texts that deconstruct the narrow view of the world as the space of borders and divisions. This section focuses on essays that project the world as a site of connections and alliances without foregoing or putting under erasure the existing and ongoing oppositions, conflicts and politics of dissent that make up the world. It contributes to the ongoing effort to promote the essay as a thinking genre that not only represents but critically refashions the present. 

If interested in submitting an essay for review, please first send a short bio (200 words) and an abstract (800-1000 words) to the Editors at synthesisjournal2008@gmail.com.