“All the moments in our lives occupy the same space”: Tracing the Space of Memory in Tim Wright’s In Search of Oldton

Published: May 1, 2014
Tim Wright In Search of Oldton memory electronic literature
Samira Nadkarni

Tim Wright‘s 2004 creative memory project, In Search of Oldton, is concerned with a need to reconcile a personal and collective cultural understanding of a recent predigital past with the present. Its complicated and fragmented landscape is produced by the remediation of repurposed pre-digital artefacts, and traversal of its space engages with the manner in which technology is increasingly mediating interaction between the urban landscapes and their inhabitants. This paper seeks to examine the manner in which Oldton‘s ludic-constructive play with memory engages with the psychogeographic understanding of the production of space and place through the user‘s interaction with the work, and its consequent commentary on the expansion of social interactions within a contemporary social apparatus so as to include the technology that makes these interactions possible.

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Author Biography
Samira Nadkarni, University of Aberdeen
Samira Nadkami is a doctoral candidate at The Centre for Modern Thought, University of Aberdeen. Her publications trace her interest in postmodern poetry and performance, Whedon studies, hermeneutics, ethics, postcolonialism and neocolonialism, fan studies, and digital texts. She served on the selection board of the creative writing publication New Writing Dundee (2008-2011) and has had her creative work published in New Writing Dundee, Grund Lit and Causeway Magazine
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