She Voices If: On Blindness by José Saramago

Published: Dec 20, 2022
José Saramango Blindness synthesis journal comparative literature comparative literary studies self-narratives selfhood autobiography autotheory seeing vision sight
Timothy Mathews

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Author Biography
Timothy Mathews, University College London

Timothy Mathews is Emeritus Professor of French and Comparative Criticism, University College London. He is fascinated by what engaging with art can tell us about engaging with people. His most recent book is Alberto Giacometti: the Art of Relation (2014). His co-edited boosk include Tradition, Translation, Trauma, with Jan Parker (2011), Poetic Biopolitics, with Peg Rawe and Stephen Loo (2015), and The Modernist Bestiary, with Sarah Kay (2020). His most recent translation is of a novel by Guillaume Apollinaire, Seated Woman (2022).

José Saramago. Blindness. Translated from the Portuguese by Giovanni Pontiero. London, The Harvill Press (Panther), 1997 (1995); adapted by Simon Stephens, designed by Lizzie Clachan, directed by Walter Meierjohann, 2021.