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S. Pavlides, R. Caputo, S. Sboras, A. Chatzipetros, G. Papathanasiou, S. Valkaniotis
S. Pavlides, R. Caputo, S. Sboras, A. Chatzipetros, G. Papathanasiou, S. Valkaniotis


The new reasearch project to create the Greek Catalogue of Active Faults and Database of Seismogenic Sources has three major goals: (i) the systematic collection of all available information concerning neotectonic, active and capable faults as well as broader seismogenic volumes within the Aegean Region; the search will be mainly based on geological and geophysical data; (ii) the quantification of the principal seismotectonic parameters of the different sources and the associated degree of uncertainty; (iii) to supply an integrated view of potentially damaging seismogenic sources for a better assessment of the Seismic Hazard of Greece. The informatic framework of the database follows that used for the Italian Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS). In this paper we present the architecture of the new Database of Active faults of the broader Aegean Area relative to Greece, the progress made up to present and the following activities yet to be accomplished.


seismogenic fault; seismic hazard; Aegean;

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