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P. Konstantopoulos, A. Maravelis, D. Nikolaidou, G. Pantopoulos, A. Zelilidis
P. Konstantopoulos, A. Maravelis, D. Nikolaidou, G. Pantopoulos, A. Zelilidis


A physical outcrop, of 100m length and 110 m total thickness studied in combination with sedimentological analysis in detail (stratigraphie sequence, grain size, sedimentological structures) led us to determine the sedimentological environments and the particular subenvironments of each part of the partial stratigraphie sequence which is a proximal depositional environment. The sandstone bed thickness data measured in Mavri Miti area, demonstrates a curved distribution shape in the log-log plots. Where processes such as erosion and bed amalgamation are more significant there was observed a possible deviation from the power-law statistical distributions. The shape of cumulative distribution demonstrates possible proximal fan setting. The above two different approaches shows an agreement in relation to the depositional processes.


submarine fans; turbidites; bed thickness analysis

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