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Aspects of thermal behavior of Amynteo lignites, Northern Greece, determined by thermogravimetry

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In this study, the burning profiles of seven lignite samples from Amynteo lignite mine, Northern Greece, were obtained using a thermogravimetry technique. The differentiation in the thermal behavior of the samples was investigated using DTG curves. The influence of inorganic constituents (expressed as major oxides content) was evaluated by correlate the major oxides content with burnout time and maximum weight loss rate. Samples from the intermediate lignite beds show a differentiation in their thermal behavior, related to the low sulfur and inorganic constituents content and attributable to their decreased thermal stability. There is a critical value of burnout time when correlate the sum of major oxides with burnout time. The inorganic content has a diverse relationship with burnout time beyond this critical value.


Amynteo lignite; DTG; inorganic constituents; burnout time;

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