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From the play to the event: Delineating phenomena of theatrical activity in Greece at the turn of the twenty-first century

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Platon Mavromoustakos
Platon Mavromoustakos


Attempting a general overview, this article may be understood as a preliminary requisite towards a more systematic study of theatrical activity in Greece since the turn of the twenty-first century. At the heart of this approach lies the fundamental shift from the dramatic play to the performance event, which has taken place both in theatre practice and theatre studies since the 1960s. The hypothesis underlying this study is that in Greek theatre the transition commenced after the reestablishment of democracy, becoming more broadly evident in this century. Some of the main points discussed are the profile of the new generation of theatre creators, the role of some major theatrical events and organisations, institutional transformations, new forms of collectivity in theatrical activity, the persistent demand for extroversion, dramatic production and its links to the stage.

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