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Όταν το Τραγικό μεταλλάσσεται σε αναζήτηση του Απόλυτου: Η Μήδεια του Jean Anouilh δίπλα στην ομώνυμη ευριπίδεια ηρωίδα

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Στέλλα Κουλάνδρου
Στέλλα Κουλάνδρου


When the Tragic is transformed in search of the Absolute: Anouilh’s Medea next to her tragic predecessor

The article attemps a comparative study of Anouilh’s Medea with Euripides’ tragedy of the same title. More specifically, it examines the different nature of the two heroines, how the ancient heroine fights with herself, while the modern heroine fights with «others», the different kind of loneliness they experience. The article underlines, finally, how the ancient concept of Tragic becomes Absurd in the contemporary drama, as the infanticide of the tragic heroine remains ambiguous, while the modern heroine, «captive» in her absolute worldview (in the author’s repeating absolute worldview), destroys herself and her relatives, unable to find some meaning in life.

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