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Psychological and Neuropsychological complications of patients with Covid - 19, after their hospitalization in Intensive Care Units

Published: Apr 3, 2022
covid-19 neuropsychological compications icu treatment post intensive care syndrome post traumatic stress disorder
Nicholaos Biagkis
Irene Anthopoulou
Theodore Kapadochos

The globally recognized COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented and unexpected upheavals in science data. The consequences of SARS-CoV-2 are evident in public health and primarily in almost every human system. Due to the extent of the damage that it sometimes causes to the body, it is possible that patients need to be treated in an Intensive Care Unit.

In particular, during the hospitalization not only organic problems were observed, but also psychological, neuropsychological and neuropsychiatric disorders, which are caused by the nature of the virus. Important findings show that the mental health effects of the virus are not limited to the time frame of hospitalization in the ICU but remain after discharge.

Post-intensive care syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and fatigue are some of the most important persistent effects, so their in-depth understanding is considered necessary.

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