Published: Jul 28, 2016
Precious metals metal concentrations reserves
A. Tsirambides
A. Filippidis

The Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaride (ABCD) metallogenic belt, which tectonically evolved during Late Cretaceous to the present, is Europe’s premier metallogenic province, especially for gold. Three spatially distinct tectonic and metallogenic belts are associated with this belt. One of them is the SerbomacedonianRhodope Metallogenic Belt (SRMB) which intersects with a NNW-SSE trend the south eastern Balkan countries. This belt includes the geotectonic zones of Vardar (Axios), Circum-Rhodope, and the Serbomacedonian and Rhodope Massives. It comprises dominantly carbonate replacement or porphyry metal deposits, stratiform volcanosedimentary deposits, skarns and various isolated magmatic-hydrothermal deposits. The most significant Au metallogeny centers of this belt are found in Bulgaria (i.e., Madjarovo, Ada Tepe, Madan, Lozen), Greece (i.e., Perama Hill, Sapes, Maronia, Olympias-Stratoni-Skouries, Gerakario-Vathi-Pontokerasia), F.Y.R.O.M. (i.e., Buchim, Ilovitza, Alshar), Kosovo (i.e., Trepca), and Serbia (i.e., Lece District: Kiseljak, Bakrenjaca). The metal reserves of all categories in the SRMB are 24 t Au, 14 t Ag and >100 Mt (Pb+Zn) ore in Bulgaria, 743 t Au, 4100 t Ag, 5345 th.t Cu and 3125 th.t (Pb+Zn) in Greece, 106 t Au, 96 t Ag and 834 th.t Cu in F.Y.R.O.M., >150 Mt (Pb+Zn) ore in Kosovo, 118 t Au and 1270 th.t Cu in Serbia. In addition many other sites inside this belt exist which are very promising for precious metals.

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