Published: Jul 28, 2016
Greece trace element bottom ash fly ash environment
P. Megalovasilis
A. Godelitsas
G. Papastergios
A. Filippidis

The environmental geochemistry of lignite, intermediate sterile, fly ash and bottom ash samples from Ptolemais area, has been investigated. The chemical analyses of major elements, combined with SEM-EDS, showed that Si, Ca and Fe, are the most abundant elements and associated with various micro-particles. On average, the most abundant trace elements in the lignite samples are Ba (128 ppm), V (123 ppm), Cr (108 ppm), Sr (107), Ni (43 ppm), in intermediate sterile samples Ba (209 ppm), Sr (209 ppm), Cr (104 ppm), Ni (76 ppm), Zr (67 ppm), Zn (57 ppm), V (53 ppm), in fly ash samples Ba (455 ppm), Sr (336 ppm), Ni (180 ppm), Cr (160 ppm), V (110 ppm), Zr (102 ppm), Zn (74 ppm), Cu (71 ppm), Rb (62 ppm) and in bottom ash samples Ba (250 ppm), Cr (214 ppm), V (174 ppm), Sr (153 ppm), Ni (105 ppm), Zr (56 ppm), Zn (40 ppm)

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