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Earthquake relocation in the wester termination of the North Aegean Trough

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Ch. K. Karamanos, G. V. Karakostas, E. E. Papadimitriou, M. Sachpazi
Ch. K. Karamanos, G. V. Karakostas, E. E. Papadimitriou, M. Sachpazi


The area of North Aegean Trough exhibits complex tectonic characteristics as a consequence of the presence of complicated active structures. Exploitation of accurately determined earthquake data considerably contributes in the investigation of these structures and such accuracy is seeking through certain procedures. The determination of focal parameters of earthquakes that occurred in this area during 1964-2003 was performed by collecting all the available data for Ρ and S arrivals. After selecting the best solutions from an initial hypocentral location, 739 earthquakes were found that fulfilled certain criteria for the accuracy and used for further processing. The study area was divided in 16 sub regions and by the use of the HYPOINVERSE computer program, the travel time curves were constructed, and were used to define the velocity models for each one of them. For each sub region the time delays were calculated and used as time corrections in the arrival times of the seismic waves. The Vp/Vs ratio, necessary for S—wave velocity models, was calculated with two different methods and was found equal to 1.76. The velocity models and the time delays were used to relocate the events of the whole data set. The relocation resulted in significant improvement of the accuracy in the focal parameters determination.


velocity models; residuals; relocation

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