Study of the efficacy and safety of proligestone administration for the control of the ovarian cycle in the bitch


In this study the efficacy and safety of the administration of the progestagen proligestone for the control of the ovarian cycle of 66 female dogs were evaluated. Two to six injections of proligestone were made to those animals in anoestrus (group A, n=52) or 1 injection to those in the first 3 days of proestrus (group B, n = 14) in order to prevent or postpone oestrus, respectively. The efficacy of proligestone administration, based on the percentage of successful injections, was 98.07%, 98.03%, 98.00%, 97.67% and 88.00% after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th injection, respectively, and 96,83% in total, for group A, while 92.86% for group B. The observed side effects were: hair discoloration at the injection site, weight gain, pyometra and diabetes mellitus at α rate of 11.54%, 7.69%, 1.92% and 1.92%, respectively, for group A and 14.28%,14.28%, 7.14% and 0%, respectively, for group B.

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