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Concerns of hemodialysis patients

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Sofia Benetou, Stavros Tsirigotis, Evangelos Dousis, Victoria Alikari, Eleni Evangelou, Ioannis Koutelekos, Afroditi Zartaloudi, Georgia Gerogianni
Sofia Benetou, Stavros Tsirigotis, Evangelos Dousis, Victoria Alikari, Eleni Evangelou, Ioannis Koutelekos, Afroditi Zartaloudi, Georgia Gerogianni


Introduction: Hemodialysis, which is the most common treatment in individuals with end stage renal disease, includes a series of limitations and modifications in daily life that adversely affect patients' physical and psychological state. Eliciting and addressing patients’ concerns is a key aspect of patient-centered treatment.  Unaddressed concerns may lead to lower satisfaction and   lower quality of medical care.

Aim: To explore  concerns of hemodialysis patients. 

Method and material: A Descriptive study on a convenience sample of  patients undergoing hemodialysis in dialysis centers in Athens. Data was collected by the completion of a questionnaire which included the patients' concerns. Categorical variables are presented by absolute and relative frequencies (percentages).

Results: In the present study were enrolled 100 patients, of whom 73% were male, 55% were>60 years old, 66% were married and 30% of primary level of education. Regarding patients' concerns, 36% of participants were bothered to spend time on dialysis center, 65% and 49% were concerned about a possible discontinue of fistula and hemodialysis machine respectively, while 59% were concerned about restrictions  in social life, 39% in their role as a spouse,  71% about fluid restrictions, 55% about diet restrictions and  53% were concerned about transport "to and from" hemodialysis unit. In terms of limitations due to hemodialysis,  30% reported limitation in clothes, 69% in going for holidays and 67% in sexual life.

Conclusions: Expanding nurses knowledge about patients' concerns  is essential to implement individualized effective therapeutic strategies.


Hemodialysis; concerns; perceptions; care

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