Theatricality and synthetic image as means of staging memories

Published: Dec 21, 2023
theatricality subjective method poetic image staging memories the creative process in the theatre
Sanja Maljković

In this article, I will recognise the acceptable form and methods of staging memories within theatre, relying on qualitative features and spatial and temporal characteristics of memories. Memory is an essential part of building one’s identity. Being so, actively reviewing the importance of past personal and collective experience is necessary for establishing a constructive relationship towards the future. Considering the qualitative features of memories and the means and reasons for creating memories, I will use theatricality as a potential theatrical approach and a method that I will call subjective. I will also try to define the synthetic image as a possible content of theatricality whose function is to express memories in the form of complex sensory material towards which we have both emotional and rational relationships. I will define the subjective method as being primarily inspired by the experience of Ariane Mnouchkine, Jerzy Grotowski and Pina Bausch, who placed intimate experience within a theatrical framework, whereby the emphasis is on the process of expressing the original human condition at the service of the play, without any reference to documentary theatre.

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Author Biography
Sanja Maljković, University of Novi Sad

Sanja Maljković (1983) completed her undergraduate and master studies at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, and she obtained her PhD degree at the Department of Scene Architecture, Technique and Design of the University of Novi Sad (2019). Since 2008, she has run the independent theatre Le Studio in Belgrade, where she works as a coordinator, set designer, director and pedagogue. She has realised many theatre performances and has led different workshops in the field of theatre and visual theatre for amateurs, children and professionals. She is an assistant professor and assistant manager at the Department for Art and Design at the University of Novi Sad.