The Education & Theatre journal is a scientific publication for the promotion of theatre, educational drama, theatre games and other performing arts in education, published by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network. All scientific articles are anonymously reviewed by at least two members of the Academic-Advisory Committee and/or Special Scientific Collaborators. The articles that are eventually published express the views of the authors and not necessarily those of the Editing Committee. The authors retain copyright, but all publishing rights belong to the publisher (Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network). The journal is published once a year at the invitation of the Editing Committee and may at times include special features on various themes edited by different editors each time, with the agreement of the Editing and Academic-Advisory Committees. The journal publishes mainly (a) original scientific articles and studies following anonymous peer review. It may also include a limited number of (b) presentations of innovative projects and (c) summaries of doctoral dissertations. At the invitation of the Editing Committee, a limited number of d) viewpoints, e) conference reports, f) interviews may be published. Manuscripts of cases (b) to (f) are not subject to a “blind review” process, but are reviewed and approved by the journal’s Editing Committee.

Republication, in part or in whole, of articles published in the journal is allowed with prior permission from the Editing Committee and a reference to first publication in the journal.



v. 25 extended call for papers


Education & Theatre has extended its call for papers and is still accepting submissions of articles for its new issue (v. 25, 2024), until April 28, 2024.

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Vol. 24 (2023)

Published: 03.01.2024


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