The I-TAP-PD project experience Building relationships through arts in education Manja Eland in conversation with Betty Giannouli and Nassia Choleva

Published: Dec 28, 2023
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Manja Eland
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Manja Eland, visual artist, graphic recorder, designer of art education and trainer

Manja Eland is a visual artist, graphic recorder, designer of arts education and trainer. She specialises in mindset and the potential and needs of gifted children. Storytelling and (enhancing) the power of imagination are driving forces in her work. Sparking creativity and curiosity in participants, it is a great way to kick start a creative process. Manja tries to lead by example, embracing the playfulness, vulnerability and grit involved in a creative endeavour, and encourages teachers to do the same, recognising that actions speak louder than words when it comes to imparting knowledge. She believes the core of facilitating a creative process is igniting curiosity, then taking a step back to allow the child to make their own journey. Manja represents the Dutch partner Stichting Kopa, where she is Head of Education. 
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