About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Region and Periphery is an interdisciplinary journal which aims to establish itself a forum for the exchange of scientific views on issues and political interventions related to regional development from a historical, legal, institutional, political, social, environmental, cultural, spatial and economic point of view.

The English title of the journal comprises two related, but different terms, in order to convey the twofold meaning of the Greek word “periphereia” (περιφέρεια). On the one hand, “periphereia” refers to a specific geographical area, which becomes an object of social scientific analysis (region). On the other hand, it is conceptualized as a space defined by its dialectic relationship with a “centre”, which can be found at a national, European or international level (periphery).

Thus, under the first conceptualization, regional development refers to an individual and independent analysis of the regions of Calabria or Darmstadt, the federal state of Bavaria, the city of Shanghai or any other spatial unit. According to the second conceptualization, regional development refers to the juxtaposition of the “peripheral” region of Calabria to the “central” region of Darmstadt, the development of Greece as part of the European periphery in relation to the European “core, or the development of a “third world” country in relation to the developed world. This twofold reading of the world «περιφέρεια» is central to the identity of the journal itself.

Peer Review Process

Papers are evaluated anonymously by at least two referees. Therefore, along with the full paper (title, text, references) author’s name and address as well as the paper’s title should be submitted separately on a covering page.

Publication Frequency

The scientific review “Region and Periphery” is published twice a year (Spring/Autumn).

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public contributes to global knowledge exchange. We encourage authors to deposit their articles, as well as data underlying the publications, in institutional and/or other appropriate subject repositories.

The Journal of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society permits and encourages authors to archive the submitted article and/or the final author version and/or the final publication pdf in institutional (e.g. the repository of the National Hellenic Research Foundation) or other appropriate subject repositories (e.g. SSOAR repository for social sciences),  in compliance with institutional and/or funder open access policies, both prior to and after publication in the Bulletin of Geological Society of Greece. Authors must provide bibliographic details that credit publication in the journal, as well as related funding details (when applicable).

Lists of institutional and other subject-based academic open access repositories can be found listed by country at the registry http://opendoar.org/countrylist.php  

If your institution does not possess a repository you may deposit a copy of your paper at no cost with www.zenodo.org , the repository supported for open access research in the EU by the European Commission, through the project Open AIRE (www.openaire.eu)


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Sources of Support

Dionicos Publishers; 42, Themistokleous Str.; 106 78; Athens; tel.: +302103801777; email: dionicos@otenet.gr

Journal History

Region and Periphery is an interdisciplinary journal published since 2012. It aims to establish itself a forum for the exchange of scientific views on issues and political interventions related to regional development from a historical, legal, institutional, political, social, environmental, cultural, spatial and economic point of view.