The Common Agricultural Policy’s green architecture and the United Nation’s Development Goal for climate action: Policy change and adaptation

Δημοσιευμένα: Jun 9, 2021
Yannis El. Doukas
Pavlos Petidis

The paper examines how the environment and climate change issues were gradually upgraded within the policy-making framework of the Common Agricultural Policy and contributed to the formulation of the green architecture for European agriculture. The analysis is based on theories of policy change-mainly neo-institutionalism and historical institutionalism- within the multilevel governance framework. Also, the United Nation’s development goal for climate action (SDG-13) is presented to show the change in the policy-making at the international level to adapt to the climate change challenge. From the analysis, it is recognized that policy change seems to be redefining the historical path of the previous period within the EU and the global context.

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