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Inpatients satisfaction with health care services after emergency admission at teritary hospital of attiki

Published: Μαρ 31, 2017
Satisfaction inpatient public hospital
Maria Chantzopoulou
Christina Marvaki
Dimitra Latsou
Dimitris Papageorgiou

Introduction: Measuring patients satisfaction is an important process for exploring needs, opinions and suggestions of patients about the healthcare services provided by an organization.

Aim: To investigate patients  satisfaction with health care services,  who urgently admitted to a public hospital. Material and Methods: A simple random sampling was used in the current study.  The study period was March - May 2016. The sample consisted of 382 patients.  Data was collected by a self-completed questionnaire, which is standardized in Greek population by Polyzos N. et al.

Results: According to the results, 69% of patients were very satisfied with the impression about hospital as far as the infrastructure (cleaning, organization and adequacy), medical and hotel equipment, room condition and nutrition. However, it is important that patients were dissatisfied with waiting time for admission to hospital, laboratory tests and operations. Eighty-nine point two percent reported high satisfaction about attention of the staff to the patients and specifically the frequent and understandable communication with the staff and kindness and confidence that they inspired. Generally, the majority of the sample (82.5%) was very satisfied with the hospital services and 95.3% indicated that would use again or recommend the hospital services. Finally, gender, education and duration of hospitalization statistically significantly affect patient satisfaction.

Conclusions: These results could be a powerful tool for organizational development and strategic management of health care providers.

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