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E. Tzamos, A. Filippidis, N. Kantiranis, C. Sikalidis, A. Tsirambidis, G. Papastergios, D. Vogiatzis
E. Tzamos, A. Filippidis, N. Kantiranis, C. Sikalidis, A. Tsirambidis, G. Papastergios, D. Vogiatzis


Zeolitic rock samples from South Xerovouni contain on average, 57 wt.% HEU type zeolite, 6 wt.% clay minerals, 3 wt.% mica (total of 66 wt.% microporous minerals), 19 wt.% feldspars, 10 wt.% cristobalite and 5 wt.% quartz (total of 34 wt.% non-microporous minerals). Chemically the zeolitic rock consists mainly of 69.9 wt.% SiO2, 13.2 wt.% Al2O3, 1.2 wt.% Fe2O3t, 1.0 wt.% MgO, 3.0 wt.% CaO, 1.5 wt.% Na2O and 2.2 wt.% K2O. The zeolitic rock shows an average ammonia ion exchange capacity of 150 meq/100g. HEU-type zeolite accounts for the most of the uptake ability, while clay minerals and mica contribute to a relative small extent only. The uptake ability of the five zeolitic rock samples showed positive correlations with the content of HEU-type zeolite as well as with the total content of microporous minerals (zeolite + mica + clay minerals). Such materials could be used in a wide range and scale of agricultural, aquacultural, and environmental applications.


zeolite; HEU-type; Xerovouni; CEC; mineralogy;

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