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European Commission’s proposals for tomorrow’s budget: Faint moves, imperfect steps and “low balances”

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Αχιλλέας Μητσός
Αχιλλέας Μητσός


The paradox of the crucial importance of the Multiannual Financial Framework, as opposed to the relatively low importance of the Community budget, is confi rmed for the new period 2021-2027. The great achievement of the Commission’s proposal on this is its balance. The proposal is balanced, but, at the same time, extremely timid as regards the amount of the budget, “winners” and “losers”, the origin of resources, the structure of expenditures. The stabilizing function is included, but only symbolically. Agriculture and cohesion policies are undermined and, more importantly, some resource allocation criteria are changing and trends are being consolidated, such as shifting the primary objective of cohesion from developing less developed regions to EU development. ‘European public goods’ are being strengthened, including mainly research, innovation and mobility in the fi eld of education, while in the area of immigration and foreign policy and defense the proposals retain a limited and ambiguous nature.


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