Published: Jan 1, 2007
Raman Diaspore Boehmite Bauxite Greece
P. Gamaletsos
A. Godelitsas
E. Chatzitheodoridis
D. Kostopoulos

Bauxite samples collected with permission from currently active mining areas in the Parnassos-Ghiona Mts district were studied using both conventional (optical microscopy and powder XRD) and, for the first time in the literature, micro-scale advanced non-destructive spectroscopic techniques, in particular Laser μ-Raman. The results showed that the different bauxite types (diasporic or boehmitic) can easily be identified regardless of sample type (porous white-grey or massive redbrown) by recording spectra in the low-wavenumber region (250 cm' - 600 cm' ) where distinct bands of the natural AlOOHpolymorphs are easily discernible (448 cm' for diaspore and 362 cm' for boehmite). The method described herein could equally be applied in the laboratory as well as in-situ at the mines for quick and accurate phase determination, in order to bypass the laborious and time-consuming indirect bulk techniques (such as XRD) routinely used to this date.

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  • Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry-Economic Geology
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