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A Stategy for Rural Development in Greece: The Case od Island Areas

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Napoleon Maravegias, Yannis El. Doukas
Napoleon Maravegias, Yannis El. Doukas


The idea that Rural Areas are identified with Agricultural Sector is outdated as it cannot correspond towards the current framework of the european agrarian sector. The present paper attempts to examine the Rural Areas from a new angle in an effort to seek out data that will lead to a different and far more effective strategy of rural development. A special focus will be given on the greek island Rural Areas as an example of how the issue of multifunctionality and the directions of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) could be implemented. Additionally, the paper will also attempt to note the importance of the place-based rather than the sectoral approach, giving priority to investments rather than subsidies. Lastly, special mention is made of the need for improvement horizontally cutting across funding policies for the implementation of a rural policy.


Rural Areas; multifunctionality; place-based/ sectoral approach; horizontal coordination

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